Olive Oil & Table Olives

Here at Broombee we pride ourselves in producing Certified Organic, Extra Virgin, Cold Pressed Olive Oils and delicious Certified Organic table olives.

Judges love our olive oil and olives as much as our customers as our numerous medals prove.

Our irrigated grove was planted in 1998 on gently sloping hills. We concentrate on growing the varieties Frantoio, Correggiola and Manzanillo (dual purpose variety) for oil production and Kalamata, Manzanillo and California Queen for table olives.

Olive oil is judged a bit like wine, the colour, aroma and taste is all taken into consideration. If you are game you can sip the olive oil as you would wine to get a true indication of the flavours, viscosity and quality. At Broombee you can either sip our oil from glasses or we are more than happy to give you some bread to soak up the liquid gold.

There are many different qualities of olive oil, Extra Virgin being the most highly prized as it is the oil from the first pressing of the olive. Cold pressed means that no heat was used to extract the oil so none of the beneficial qualities of the oil are destroyed and Certified Organic speaks for itself!

Our delicious table olives are handpicked and cured in rain water and sea salt for around 12 months, we keep the salt levels low so you are tasting the full flavour of the fruit. We currently have moorish black Kalamata olives bottled ready for you enjoy.

Our salted olives which are a Californian variety are hand picked when ripe and layered alternatively with sea salt, tending to them every day for about two months. We then rinse the salted olives in rain water and put them out in the sun to dry, resulting in a prune like texture with a sweet concentrated olive flavour.